Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5S audit huhuhu...

dear batikchantingss... tak tau la nak kata either i like the 5S activities or not.... but i believe this activity really helps me a lot in having a neat and nicer room to work... kira buley boost the spirit la utk wat keje huhuu... but the fact, itula reasonnya besides helps us in having a fast and practical accession to the loads of files/document rite?

so jap lg auditor dr MPC nak datang audit... tak tau dpt ke tak pnsijilan kali ni... if there's any comparison to be made between ptmk and other 5S certified's ptj, ermm... terasa macam ada kekurangan lagi... i've been in one of 5S certified's ptj last year... sekali pandang, kita dah tau mmg konpem & layak dpt certification tu... but for ptmk ni, ntahlaa... tak reti nak rate. furthermore, different ptj, different scope of task... and one thing for sure, different surroundings and assets as well...

anyway tgkla cemana... berserah je la when the audit session goes on nnt... i believe each of us dah buat yg terbaeeekkk.... siap ada laci berbunge2 lg hehehhe... well done my pren! :)

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