Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 2010

dear batikchatings... Its May again in 2010... and of course someone in this world has to turn to another number of age huhu... But May is such a beautiful month kan? so many celebrations fall on this pre-middle month of a year... ada labour's day... mother's day... teacher's day... nurse's day.... Hol day of Pahang... suzana's besday (heeee....), wesak day plak this coming friday huhuu... mmg mantoppp la bulan 5 neh! bulan cottieyy!! ~ (except on suzana's besday tu laaa)

apapon, Alhamdulillah and a very deep pray to Allah Almighty for giving me such a beautiful experience for these 30's years of life... may Allah bless me and my family in whatever things that I'll undertake insyAlh...

to all of my frens out there, time kasih utk sume ucapan2 besday itu ~ it really makes my day!

& to my beloved hubby, tq so much for the unexpected beautiful surprises huhuhu... luv u so "MUCH"! hehehe...

* jawapan trivia ~ kuihtartnanasyangtaksampaihatiutkdimakansbbcantiksgt

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