Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"wut a jerk"

first of all, sorry for the "uneasy" title of this entry huhuhu... 
the title given doesn't have any connection with the enclosed picture... 
kalo ada pon, sbb this mabeles mouth-watering
coolblog can be bought at IOI Kulai Johor
WHICH is stated as a "jerk" place by a Kulim's pregnant lady 
recently huhuhu (mmg xde insuren la mulut)
and this coolblog tersgtla mantop rasanya huhuhu...
not just get rid u off from thirsty tp kenyaaannggg...
there are various types of flavour... mine is choc oreooo with pearlsss
(huhu.. masih terasa kesedapannya...)
as this plastic glass of this lucious coolblog did accompany me 
during buat kuih raya kat senai baru2 ni
burrpp...alhmdlh :D

talking about kuih raya, buley la place ur order lagi sementara
order masih dibuka... sample pon utk utk dirasa tp
limited edition only... sapo cepat dio la dapek...

below plak are some piccas snapped during our
ronggeng2 time @ Tebrau City...
ada such a HEAVENNN SALES at its big Jaya Jusco
Apo laie... marila perabiskan duit lagi!! ;-)

 okla pren... that's all... nnt cite laie...
wishing all of u
Selamat Berpuasa dan Berterawih mlm ni  :)

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