Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cuti "Mendeka"ku

I've spent my merdeka holiday at senai... completing the cookies order with my SIL and MIL.... penats tp sonots tak hengats huhuhu... blending, mixing, kneading, adopting, tableting, dipping, spreading, cutting and pasting...fuh!!! mmg besst! most of the piccas has been uploaded at fb... luckily all of our orders managed to be prepared... ada byk lg order utk senai and pekan... all of them are now in the preparing mode... for those who orders with me, ur order will available to be grabbed by tomorrow ekk...

below are some piccas taken at jln sungai chat for the famous murtabak singapore, kedai yg jual tauhu bakar yg mantop, angsana plaza and simpang renggam...

  nk cepat, order by call, luckily when we arrived there,
org masih blom berkerumunanss huhuuh...
kedai jual tauhu bakar mantop - near to kedai murtabak singapore tu

 jem nk poei angsana plaza (@_@)
small part of angsana area
one of cookies shop@angsana huhuhu... sooo colorful!!
one of kerepek and cookies area @ angsana
jom poie smpg renggam plak... for a heavennnn place of kerepeksss by IKS

piley...pileyy... dan pileeyyy!!

sila Q utk membayo huhuuhu..

overall, it was such an exhausted holiday for me but i really enjoice every moment there with baking and food + kerepek hunting =) ... apapon, henjoice the piccas!

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