Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kemaruk main game II

1st time tried this game at Bob's ipad...
then mula terasa sronots2 mcm main game
cincang2 sayur tu at faizul's phone huhuhu...
2nd time played this game at faie's phone plak...
tembak si vav1 tu tahap kaw2 punya...
terbawak2 main game ni until at sungai miang...
damn hard to kill them huh!! geram btoll
with their cynical laughing every time we failed to complete
the mission...lastly, smlm able to get this game
in pc version pulakk...
yeahoo!!... so? jooommm kita main 
angry bird ni smpai pengsannnn

time kasih imans =)

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pergilah melancongss!!