Monday, August 15, 2011

karipap vs currypuff

my beloved hubby's favourite!!!
jenuh tuuuu mengelim... and sorry to say that
the picture above was not mine... 
not my hand and of course not even my karipap...
it's purely belongs to one of the well known
blogcook in cyberworld ni...
my karipap was not as cun as the above picture...
kelimnya masya Allah.. hudus!!
kalo dijual, mau kena kutuk design kelim tu...
but never mind... the most important part was
successfully accomplished hehehe...
i.e - the core!!! yeaa... the hot luxurious mabeles inti..
Alhamdulillah for that part... manage to cook the core
walopon both of us pose and definitely
la tak dapat merasa rite?...

what ever it is, i really do have to practice 
in crimping the edge of currypuff....
so that the result will be more nice and 
presentable as well... bukat setakat sedap tapi 
looks appetizing!!

and by the way, orders for kuih raya was
officially closed on last 5th Aug 2011...
thanx a LOTTTT to those who had placed the orders
from us.... tahun depan order lagik!! =)
those ordered kuihs will be arriving kuantan
by next week insyAllah... so meh la collect ur orders
from me at TTI or from my hubby at A3 nnt....

~ Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ~

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