Monday, October 10, 2011

In front of Straits of Malacca

huuu... so many things happend to me lately...
so we just "short-cut" it and make it very simple!

"welcome to mahkota hotel - have a pleasant stay!"
ayat standard hotel la ni...

hotel's layout - our apartment is at Lotus Wing - no 3 block

the lotus wing apartment
the apartment's living room - straits of malacca view...beautiful!!!
the bed room - straits of malacca view jugakss...

apartment's kitchen

view from the workshop room... it's Holiday Inn Hotel...

kalo ada awish ni, dah lama kecebush2....

this mall is just on front of mahkota hotel... ok...jom ronggengs
before bengkel mula!!
chenta hatiku disitu ~winkss!!
in front of the mahkota parade, ada plak dataran pahlawan...
not enuff time to ronggengs... so amek gmbo je laa
beside dataran pahlawan, there is a quite big nasi lemak antarabangsa
punya restoran... pon tak pg as i dont have enuff leisure time... huu...
night view from our apartment's balcony =)
yang panjang ke laut tu is actually koraoke clubs
and various nite clubs i guess...
that block is sunflower block... cantiknya waktu malam!!

conclusion of this bengkel??
exhausted bangets!! but worth la with the
returns hehehe...alhamdulillah :)

safely arrived kuantan at +- 830pm...
mandi2 ...dinner2...krozzzzzzzzzzz kepenatanss....

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