Monday, February 13, 2012

Mode : In the meeting

I've never ever2 jotting something here
and this is the 1st time huhuhu...

ye ke cenggini ekk??.... if yes, dah xchantek...
sbb dok stress2!

i believe everything in this world ada limitnya
so do us as a normal human being... read more
so stress + lazy to jot here...
hence, let read article... yeaahhh!!!
Stress is something we all have. Stress can kill by reducing your immune systems response to insults and distracting us during important tasks like driving. We need to learn how to lessen stress in order to have a more peaceful life.

Physical stress is the stress created when we either physically exert ourselves or are in an environment that is physically demanding, say 110 degree heat during the summer. Good physical stress actually can make us feel calm and relaxed, whereas bad physical stress only makes us feel worse. We need to learn how to lessen stress, no matter what type of stress..

Emotional stress is probably the most difficult to handle because it is internal. The way we feel and react to situations can often be a make or break for us in regards to family, job, and other relationships. Learning how to lessen stress emotionally can be very enlightening and will have a lasting effect on our lives.

Physical activity is one method in how to lessen stress. It really doesn’t matter what type of physical activity. The object is to physically work so that you feel better after the work than before. For many people, this is the number one way to get rid of the emotional stress.

A hobby is another method in how to lessen stress. Hobbies give us an outlet for our feelings and distract us from our problems. Hobbies give us something else to concentrate on aside from our stress.

Relaxation techniques are methods in how to lessen stress. Relaxation takes practice. Practice counting or visualizing your favorite spot on the beach, in the park, on a cruise, or anywhere else you would like to be.

Music and listening to the radio is another method in how to lessen stress. This is my favorite method because I can be right in the middle of stress or know that when the situation is over, at the end of the day I can relax and listen to music or even talk radio.

Stress is all over and anything and everything can create stress in our lives. The better we handle the stress, the better we will be in the long run.
ohhh.... why this session has to discuss
the other thingy?

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