Thursday, March 29, 2012

A very thin slick 'book' ~ i like!

time flies very fast...
so do the technology...
as both of these thingy swift rapidly...
hence people's preference also swift according to
these awesome changes!

previously, most of us looking for petite 'book'
instead of heady-deavy 'book' sampai nak patah bahu itu...
reason? of couse - the lighter, the better...

tapi... apa guna lighter tp sizenya requires
us (especially yg dah tak begitu muda remaja ni)
utk terjegil2 biji mata while doing our job kat those
'books' rite? and the ""jegil2" finally give us such a 
very back pain as well as neck!
(sebenarnya : sbb tua....)

sehubungan dengan itu, maka lahirla ultrabook, macbook air etc...
giler nipis...and of course absolutely lighter than normal 'book'...
dan selesala sket buat keje... 
wider screen, lighter in terms of weight and
well performance jugak la i guess
(mestila la kann... dah abis ribans2 takkanla
outcomenya koman sepana)
so...marilah beli sebiji for our own collection! =)
#tddmka waaakakkakakaaa....

put ur eyes to the top one! :)

mcm nak masuk dlm envelope je huhuhu...


pic courtesy : Mr Google

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