Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cuti x'mas

When we talk about cuti, it supposed to be very leisure
& huhahuha time.... Tappppiii.....
not for us utk cuti x'mas ni huhuuh....
we were facing banjey! and this time,
air betul2 masuk umah... ohhh!! terus memori 1986
datang when KT was facing the very bad flood everrr...
and air dalam bilik sampai takat lutut with the fish
kemain giranggg berenang2 huhuhu...
my parent's house masuk aiiiirrrrrrrrrrr

view from my upstair's room

belakang umah...
belakang umah lagi... the water runs damn fassst!

in front of my parent's house... ni dah surut sikit... before this,
air dah hampir separuh tayar!
how i wish i can have that kind of soft and supple skin again... (mimpi je laaa)
pakngah...pakngah... pakngah forever and ever....
Darwish & Delisa
the tomato girl... pipi mcm pipi sinchan waaakakakka...
Dell Montel hihiih... i forgot to snap her thigh...
Ya Allah peha dia mmg sgt2 inviting to be bitten!!!
thanx to my beloved bro... nnt akak order lagi muehehhee....
tea time for chenta hti ~ bubur kacang homemade

even the banjey really makes us a bit hustle bustle,
but Alhamdulillah... we managed to handle it pretty
well... nak kata kemas tip top tu, not really pon but 
at least, rumah dah dimop.... and very2 lucky as both 
families (mine and my brother) ada kat umah...
otherwise, i don't think my parents can cope up 
with that unexpected flood which 
came into the house very2 fast huhuhu...

ECM's lower ground carpark
And again Alhamdulillah... a very2 deep pray for HIM
for not allow us to pay for the Hobbit's movie ticket
last Saturday... kalolah managed to proceed the payment
and we went to the movie on that Monday morning,
probably our car dah selamat berenang2 dalam
ECM's lower ground carpark while we
were watching the Hobbit tu...
Again sgt2 Alhamdulillah...

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