Friday, July 22, 2005

"IPTA/IPTS (PERPUN)" meeting and its V.O.Y.A.G.E.ssss...

Salamss to my dear blog, batikchanting... has anybody of you ever heard what is PERPUN??...."PERPUN" - me myself also not really sure what is PERPUN stands for. Probably Perpustakaan Union....i guess. But what ever the short form refers to, i personally have an aversion to that name...and until today i'm not sure why...:D. The pronunciation itself also not really interesting, rite?...hihiihi....(sedap2 je kutuk2ss...buatnye org2 core library fields dengo, sure temper punye......)

So, i actually only the alternate person who has been asked to attend this meeting at Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang, UKM. It's my fren's position actually (azlee), who did develop the system and involved with this meeting along with the deputy chief officer of KMC (En Dzul). Since my fren was not able to attend this meeting as he had a Service Exam on the same day of the meeting, then my name was arised as the stand-in person. Together with us is Miss Akiza, also an officer of KMC.... We've been departing to KL with flight at 4.55 pm. The ride was good and we have safely arrived there +- at 5.45pm.

As we arrived there, Akiza's fiance already waited for us with his stunning bold black Honda. my heart softly voiced,"Uish!!...ensemnye honda itam niss...sama ensemnye ngan tuan punya Honda...hehehe...". Well,
as my 1st impression, En Rahim is a nice person and looking to the conversation among 4 of us in that astonishing silky honda, seems like he's very humble and down to earth person. Lucky Akiza... May God bless both of u and ur coming wedding day...

We've been sent by En Rahim to Prescott Metro Inn at Kajang. The hotel is quite nice laa... I don't really mind actually how will the hotel look like as i will only stay there for 1 nite. At least, it stands with the standard local hotel, thats sounds good enuff.... By the way, my journey to KL this time was not so fine as i was having flu, saw throat and dizziness since a few days back.... Some of my fren told me that it's fever season ke?...certainly la that nite, En Dzul and me just order the dinner from Akiza. Not enuff strength for both of us to come down, find some dinner...walk here and there...fractic maaa...

Esoknya, the meeting was started a bit late from the planned session as Puan Puteri Saniah, Chief Librarian for Tun Sri Lanang Library engaged with some urgent discussion with her staff. She chaired the meeting smoothly. Bla...bla...bla...all of the points was reviewed one by one....until KUKTEM's turn to present the Union List System tu....Akiza had been asked to present as En Dzul has sort of loose his voice because of the fever. While Akiza was presenting the system, one of the member from one big established university keep disturbing her session by asking such an irritating and convulsive questions to Akiza. Off course she may arise any relevant questions regarding the presentation but NOT as the way she stated her analysis/opinion. She was finally being brought to a halt with a very simple statement by one of the representative from...i'm not sure which university he represents for. But luckily he came out with his forceful proclaimation....otherwise i'm sure that the irritatated old lady will keep nagging in the meeting....fuuh...what an annoying person i've ever met!!

so after a few hours, we've adjourned at +- 2.15 pm. Having the prepared lunch just in short time because i need to catch for the flight pulakss... the very-very cold temperature in the meeting room really effects my flu and throat badly :(....So, within that uncomfortable situation, i've rushed to Komuter with a cab...railed in the komuter and transited at Salak Tinggi (i guess...not sure with the transited place), then catched the erl direct to KLIA... moving here and there with the high heel shoe really hurts my leg poorly.....well...itula anak pak zahid yg tak reti2 berkasut tumit tinggi until now....then i've arrived KLIA at about 3pm... and when i checked in, unfortunately the only available plane for me at that time is just at 6.20pm....GOD!!...lambat tuu....i have +- 3hours to stay at KLIA ....boringnyee...:(. With the "getting heavy" flu and dizziness tu, i tried to cope up jugak and pray for HIM, may this situation will evenly stable for some of time, after i took some pills taken from Dr Radibah a day before i came to KL. Even there were some "ting-tong-ting-tong" in my head, i still had an intention to gaze to 2 cute little siblings playing together at the A3 waiting area. He was such a handsome boy and she was a very-very cute sweet girl. I think, its not only me who kept ogling on both siblings....the shrilling voice and attractive appearance did magnetize everybodys there to looking at them....Both of them are mixed (British man and Indian lady). So no wonderlaa cute sgt....

I just fall asleep all the way from KLIA until the plane touched down Kuantan's airport. Abg Azhar, the KUKTEM's driver fetched En Dzul and me there....Sadly to say, air kat my kuarters buat hal lagi... So seems like i have to go back to Sekilau jugakss....what a very worn-out day for me... sampai je Sekilau... i just have a very simple dinner, took my bath, took the pills given by my beloved dad for my flu and coming-fever tu...then...krozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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