Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 and the determinationssss...

dear batikchantingss... its almost half of the first month of the new year... tp i still not update the blog... cite ada, tp cam tak tercite + tak termengarangs... (huhu... betul ke word "termengarang" tuss?).... talking about new 2007 ni, normally there will be one popular question. its either orang tanya kat kita, kita terdengar soklan tu ditanya...or kita bertanya kat diri sendiri... and the question is "what's ur new determination for this year?"... and as for me, of course there are some determinationsss crafted deeply in my mind ni... salah satu drpnya (yg tersgt-sgt-sgt jauh lg to be achieved is my dream car.... hahahaha...) ...working solely as a government servant, i dont think i can afford to have this marvellous astonish SUV... even they did come out with the smaller version pon, yet i still cannot afford... huhuhu... so kita tgk gamba je laa ekks... :p

pic: Nissan Rouge... adik kepada si Nissan Murano tu... bessnye kalo den dapets ni seketuls...

anyway, my another determination is of course my studies... so lusa my first class for 4th semester akan mula. cam tak sangka plaks that i finally reach the final 4th semester ni. really pray to HIM on his willingness and bless for me, to alwis keep staying in my track ...even the pressure tu sometimes makes me feel like to sign off. tapi takpe... there's another 4 months to go... i have to all-out this time, no huhahuha anymore (hehehe... macam banyaaak je huha masa previous semster :p) ... so 3 papers lg suzana... dah tak banyak tu... but the stress will definitely be there as i have 12 credit hours for this semester. the 880 paper will surely make me head ache this time... adesss.... may Allah will alwis put the great zest and enthusiasm in myself, no turning back and go forward suzana! g'luck!!!

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