Tuesday, January 30, 2007

bergentinganss @ tanah tinggi genting

dear batikchantingss... hihihi... after +- 10 years, finally the only zahid's daughter ni again reached genting highlands... and alhamdulillah she managed to safely go and come back home with the mabeles experience even the happening session was just a few hours up there... i still remember the coldness at Snow World tu... suzana terus kalah teruk with the temperature there which was -5 ° C maaa... (even before ni anak pak zahid famously known as "hantu ekon" :D )... after about 10-15 minutes in the Snow World area, my hand and leg were sort of turned to numb... adehss... kebas sekebas kebasnye... but overall, having an experience again up there really reminds me of having a wonderful holiday with my family years-years ago... huhuhu.. windunye rasa kat zaman2 remajerssku...

okla my pren... nothing much to elaborate here. yg pasti tanah tinggi genting telah menerima kunjungan the zahid's daughter ni sekali lagi in year 2007.... so here is just a single pic taken with zure's camera when we were in the gondola heading to the +-peak of genting hihglands... ada rejeki, nak pegi lagiss.... ;)

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