Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008, its challenges and "new" hobby :D

batikchantingsss dearie... it's 2008 and i hope this 2008 will creates a beautiful moments... even i know there will definitely be some sekam here and there huhuhu... dalam padi ada sekam... dan mengapa sekam itu suka menyekams? i've no answer for that... Moga Allah mempermudahkan semuanya, insyAlh....

Anyway, this is my new hobby after getting married with beloved z.e.z hehehehe... he did mention to me for many times about this korean drama b4 kawen aritu, but i never take it seriously sbb i dont have any intention at all to watch any korena dramas. and now everything has changed! suzana dah kemaruk drama korea hwa.. hwa... hwa... Walopon drama ni dah basi kepada fanatik2 drama korea, but as for me... skrg ni baru nak mula musim fanatiknya :D

Full House Synopsis
One of the most popular TV miniseries released this summer in Korea was
Full House, based on a popular comic book series. This fun miniseries shows us the difficulties that occur while living together, as well as the funny side of life. The lead actress in Full House, Song Hye-kyo, is coming off great success with her credits including Gaeul Donghwa (Autumn in My Heart) and All In. The lead actor, Rain (λΉ„ ) is one of Korea's hottest singers. From the onset, Full House has been praised for its fresh and saucy take on the love lives of four young people. Within the first three weeks of airing, audiences responded with a 30% increase in viewer ship. Most of the miniseries is set in a beachfront house in Incheon. This area has become a popular tourist spot for fans of the show.

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