Monday, January 21, 2008

migarid-10 vs migraine

dear batikchantingss... I’m not sure why but it was such a prerequisite for me to have a migraine after sitting any exams... rasanya this condition was not so bad when I was muda-remaja-jelitass dulu but now, the pain keeps attacking pretty bad. Probably because I’m aging (definitely laa..) huhuhu…

My latest migraine attack was on last 2 days back. After I finished the PTK exam, my head started to ngosnges soooo bad. And that’s why I chose to take unrecorded leave je even jam masa tu dah kol 3pm lebey huhuhu… (lugi.. lugi…) the pain keeps ‘weng2’ in my head sampai la esoknya… lepas masak2 ujung mnggu tu pon, sakit tu berterusan lagi. Adehh… feels like my medulla oblongata nak diketuk2 gitu… finally my beloved z.e.z suggested to me to take migarid-10 (prescripted by a verified doctor). Never heard about this pill before sepanjang kena migraine ni. So I just take the meds… and Alhamdulillah within half an hour, the ‘weng2’ is gone...

So after this, I think I’ll look for migarid-10 je bila dtg migraine. And if the pain dtg lagi after my coming exam tomorrow, then I know what should I do… Don’t have to take those other pills anymore :)

p/s: leh la sape2 batikchanting’s readers yg ada migraine try out this pill… (hehehe dah jd minah jual ubat je rasa :p )... anyway, all d best to those who will be sitting the ptk exam (
specific paper) tmrow. g'lucks my pren!!

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