Thursday, January 10, 2013


sewing oh sewing...

when am i supposed to start sewing ye?
the sewing machine given from my MIL is now available
at my house... not really new but still good enuff
to rejuvenate the lame-gloomy-dull skills
yang suam2 kuku jari kelingking je selama ni
every time surfing at the beautiful jubah,
blouse, tudung and any kind of muslimah 
attire on the net... the feeling of 

hmmm....i think i can sew this...

starts to rambling in my head
tapi takkkk juga buat2... kamon suzana!!
it's a matter of do it, or leave it, do it, or leave it,
do it, or leave it, do it, or leave it, do it, or leave it,

then start to do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt!!

p/s: for the 1st trial (after looongggg lost
skill masa form 3 dulu)... apakata kita cuba jahit
mende2 lurus dulu macam curtain ke...
alas meja je... kann??

*all piccas courtesy by Mr Google

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