Saturday, September 03, 2005

1st test....Terengganuss...and applying leave...

dear batikchantingss....firstly, i really2 hope that i might be able to face this hard time patiently and vigorously...i'll be facing the 1st test ever on this coming third seminar on 10th september, which is 7 days left from the day i'm writing this post.... Prof Norma did list all of the chaptersss that will include in the test... what worries me a lot is, i have read and revise nothing lagiss niss... Oh God...then, my beloved dad told me that he and my lovely mama will be going to Terengganu for a few days next week as he's having family's matters to settle there... he did ask me to follow him and MAKE SURE bring along all of my notes to study there...(nak suh terperap and study kat hotel katanye....)...well, frankly speaking, i really2 eager to go there... additionally, dah lama sgt i hav'nt go back to my home town tuss...but then, i dont think it would be a proper time for me to go here and there while i'm currently in the time constraint, rite?... but thinking about it twicely, i consider to go to the Terenganu's state library to find some materials for my term paperss plaks.... what should i do now ekkss??...buntuss..buntuss... never mind. i'll discuss with my beloved dad regarding this matter, coz i know he knows me better....;)

what can i do for my test preparation is just, applying some leaves next week... 5 - 6 chaptersss are a lot of things to be revised maaaa.... and i'm not good and brilliant enuff to revise while doing my job at the office. i really need a complete concerntration .... Dear Almighty, may Ur blessing will always be with me.... insyaAlh...all the besss suzana!!...

p/s: attached here is the eucalyptus flower...since a few of my frenss keep asking me "sue, camne rupa bunga eucalytus tuss?" well...this is how does the flower looks like....not so
attractive as roses or orchids or other gorgeous flowers, but still nice and adorable flowerss for me...

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