Friday, September 16, 2005

espresso, mocha, cappucino, latte ..or...neslo 'O'...

i'm a bit sleepy rite now...the level of heaviness of my eyes skrg ni, sort of cannot be handled anymore... so to churn out it back, i really need to do something which will force my eyes to concertrate, and my brain to stimulate... so i guess, jotting something here is one of the best solution for me to boost up my both eyes and brain to work out!!...talking about being sleepy niss... most of us do aware and agree (i guess) that those type of espressos, mochas, cappucinos or lattes can perk up the drowsiness. Betul ke tak, i'm not so sure laa... but it applies to me very much. i know that it's not good for us to keep having this type of drinking since it consist of detrimental caffeine inside it... tapi tu la masalahnye... the luscious fluffy foamy drink really awaken me from getting sleepy...and sleepyzzz.... but as malaysian, nescafe is just nice and able to revive me actually... and i wont forget the taste of neslo 'O' suam at the small stall just beside the Balai Polis (near to UIA, Kuantan)... which served me a very refresh neslo 'O'... even masa tu, i'm still in the fobia and shoking mood lepas exsiden.... hmm...neslo 'O' jugak yg sedapss...:D

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