Thursday, October 13, 2005

The 3 meaningful “Amin”….

Salamss batikchantingsss….Last 2-3 days back, before we broke our fasting on that day, my beloved bak did give an unofficial tazkirah. Well, not all the time pon he come out with the tazkirah to me but practically, I do love to hear all of his words… cam teruja gintuss…hehehe…ok, back to the story. My beloved bak was giving a story regarding our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.… cenggini citenye…

It was Friday, during the khutbah in solat Jumaat. Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was steping the stairs to the serambi (serambi, in English apa ekkss?) to recite the khutbah Jumaat to the muslimin on that beautiful day…. When he stepped the stairs, he did say “Amin” for 3 times respectively for 3 different steps of the stairs. Most of his sahabat did wondering, and keep questioning – what does “Amin” said by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. stands for actually? All of them sort of full of doubness in their head….probably tak penah laa kot Rasulullah sebut camtu before ni…Then after completed the solat Jumaat, some of his friends did come to Prophet Rasullullah s.a.w. and try to have a clarification regarding the word “Amin” tadiss… Then our prophet Rasulullah s.a.w. started to reveal the story behind his “Amin” words….

Rasulullah s.a.w. told them that the moment he stepped the stairs to serambi, Jibrail had come to Rasulullah s.a.w. and said 3 different things for every Rasulullah’s three different steps of the stairs.

  • Inauspicious fate for those muslimin and muslimat who don’t appreciate Ramadhan al-Mubarak to the utmost as they already knew that there are so many, many and many rewards promised by Allah, if we do really know and concern the blessings from HIM especially for this barakah month. So please be thankful to HIM as we still alive in this Ramadhan and still being given a good health to fast …..and for the first time, Rasulullah answer it with “Amin”….
  • Inauspicious fate for those who are very greedy to say S.A.W every time our Prophet Rasulullah’s name is being quoted and uttered by someone else. So please be more sincere and obedience to say S.A.W each time his name is being quoted …again, Rasulullah answer it with “Amin”….
  • Inauspicious fate for those who don’t treat their parents very well during their lifetime. Sometimes, loves is just not enuff to them. What they need is just our attention and cares from us. And again, Rasulullah answer it with “Amin”….
So 3 times Rasulullah did come with Amin’s word… and it really shows how serious those 3 things should be applied to our life…. Fikir2kanss…

Oklaa…got to continue my case studies and other task… salam Ramadhan to all…

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