Tuesday, October 04, 2005

pening palle...while chasing the "datessss"....

dear batikchantingss.... i'm in the situation of "information overload" actually... with the unwell sound system of my right ear, with the sok-sek-sok-sek nose, with the tingtongss head.... i should go to sleep and have a complete rest for my bad ailing season. But, the forums, the term papers, the coming and 'just around the corner' exam and the LATEST assignmentsss given to me really impedes me from fall asleep. hadehss....ujiaaaan...ujiaaanss.... everything was such a great test from HIM, but I still pray for HIM for at least blessing me to keep forwarding and facing these difficulties... even deep down inside i'm not very sure am i strong enuff for these hardshipsss... muka2 kat sebelah tu are the faces of Zahid's daughter who is now in the middle of drowsiness after taking those pills and capsules. but somehow i am very lucky to be given the pills and capsules rather than the liquid meds even myself bukanla susah sgt nak mkn ubatss... i just dont like the feeling of bitterness in my mouth after having the meds for many times... pahit maa... ok laa...got to continue my other "writingss" plaks...

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