Monday, October 31, 2005

Salam Aidilfitri....

salams batikchantingss... it's the last day of October 2005...and I finally berjayersss finish up the stuck of burdenss which keeps spinning in my head ever since july ari tuss.. alhamdulillah laa... hmm... but still yet i feel a bit regret of not having a chance to buat kueh rayers..:( ...previous past years, at elast there must be 3 types of kuehss made by me... but for this year, all of the kuehss has been outsourced from my mama's fren, makcik Suhana...(hihiih...kueh pon kena outsourced). never mind least, there will be some kuehss to be served during raya nnt.

Baju raya lak... i just buy yg siap punya as i dont have enuff time to go and buy the kain, send it to the tailorss... luckily i did have selai which i send it to the tailor a few months before ramadhan ari tu... but i use to wear it for pg keje actually... tp tak kesahlaa... dont mind so much about baju raya. And one more thing, i used to always treat my family during Ramadhan for berbuka previous years... Last year kat Shahzan, this year...i havent plan yet as i just free my mind semalamss... but deep down inside, ada terasa nak ajak diorg berbuka kat lua lg niss... but which place ekkss??... hotel is not a necessary...what is more important is, giving them a treat for berbuka tuss... my bro will be coming back from KL tonite... so probably the berbuka treat will be tomorrow la kotss...hmm...need to think of the suitable place to suprise them niss...takpe...nnt diskas with my bro tu... all of batikchanting's readers...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...Maaf Zahir Batin for any mistakes that i've done during the posting here...and for those who knows me, sorry jugak kotss2 ada salah silap ke... drive carefully and have a safe journey to kampung masingss2...

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