Sunday, November 27, 2005

dunno the suitable title maaa...

dear lovely batikchantingss.... it's a beautiful sunday...but the feeling of "buhsanss" keeps flourishing inside my head as well as my surroundingss.... my neighbour at sekilau hills ni did have a glorious happening events for their elder son for getting married with his dreaming girl (i guess laa...otherwise, takkan majlis sort of gilang gemilang gintuss...). riuh one whole sekilau hills for their raya and kawen mawen's songs aired all through the receptions.... with the kompangs... with the purposedly invited dj from RTM, with the invited artist (they kept it as secret sampailaa most of the guest dah tak eager lagi nak amek tau...)...besa2ran btul this reception, and if saifulnang was here...or at least my brother was here, this event for sure will memorabily be captured by them....anyway, as we are entering the tengkujuh's weather, so the happening reception tu wont last sampai petang.... the rain was so so heavy... myself actually went out to buy some of my stuffss... plus treating my own "buhsanss" feeling tu... (even keje tak siap lg sebeno2nye...)

theoritically, i'm in the process of completing my tech spec ni...which is scheduled to be on my boss's desk at least 10am tomorrow morning.... but practically and as usual, the malas betul2 kuasai diri skrg niss... k laa...till we meet in the next post...c u batikchantingsss....

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