Thursday, June 14, 2007

kerisauan yang nyaterss

dear batikchantingss... 2 days back, i did call uitm to retreive my new username/pasword for student portal. really wonder how come i was not authorized to access it just after my final semester was over. Encik itu kata PSMB was moving and upgrading their system, so ada la skets amendments here and there at their DB i guess...

beside retreiving my username/paswd tu, i just simply add some more question - which is my result for the final semester bebaru ni. i've been worried for a couple of days waiting for the result to be annouced. guane la rizat eden nanti. the most anxiousnesstosss was definitely towards my research paper tu... 6 credit hours just for that paper! and if i cannot grab a good grade for that paper, huhuhu... abeslaa pointer den. tp na'uzubillah laa... dah all out tahap 'transformer' really hope it returns me a wonderful and fruitful outcome, and of course a tremendous and memorable moment of 2 yearss learning expedition....

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