Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"somewhere over the rainbow"

dear batikchantingss... its almost a week I’ve got my final result, which was wonderfully displayed at uitm's student portal. alhamdulillah, a very2 deep gratitude for HIS bless and grace. never thought that it would returns me such a great feeling since that day. and i dedicate this achievement to my beloved mama and bak, who are alwis, alwis and alwis believe in me, even most of the time, me myself don’t have such a deep deem throughout the stressful 2 years... thank you mama & bak… I luv both of you foreverss..

MINDS 2007 is just around the corner, and at the same time, my 'little' bro will be going to undergo a practical training cum working at mercedes this coming early july. congrates to him, and i hope he'll make use and utilize this golden opportunity to the fullest…

For the new comers of this coming 29 June 2007, welcome to the club of “UMP student” :-)

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pergilah melancongss!!