Monday, July 02, 2007

Majlis Pelancaran Pembinaan Kampus Tetap Universiti Malaysia Pahang

dear batikchantings... haa... the 1st pic is the white tentsss in the middle of the wide big 'padang jarak padang terkukur' at new permanent UMP campus, kuala pahang... more pics and storimoris will be hapdeteds soon... stay tuness ;)

huhu.. lama beno "stay tuness" soblum niss.. xpolaa.. tis story pon dah expired +-a week ago. but i just apload some more piccass for the batikchanting's readers as i stated before...

the 2nd pic was my dreamiousness car... hehe.. never thought this car pon ada kat tgh2 padang jarak padang terkukur ni... what ever the surrounding is, my dreamiouness car still look mabeless as usual...
the last pic plak was just a pic of the "road to Pekan Campus".... it is an absolute straight road, good for those who love to rempitss2... hwa.. hwa.. hwaa.. So okla fren... thats all for now. byk2 apload pon kuren bess... sbb cite dah expired...

Break jap cite pasal padang jarak padang terkukur, i just paste the 4 things which i've been tagged by zure last few days... nothing much happening about me certainly...

Four (latest) jobs I’ve had:
1. UMP's Staff
2. SPP Trainee
3. Trainee at PTG
4. Sales Counter @ kedai gambo

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. sama gak cam admie - P.Ramlee's movies
2. -
3. -
4. -

Four places I’ve lived:
1. Kuantan, Pahang
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Kemaman , Terengganu
4. Kuala Terenganu

Four TV shows I love:
1. Oprah Whinfrey
2. CSI
3. Travel & Living
4. Akademi Fantasia

Four places I’ve vacationed:
1. Melaka
2. Langkawi
3. Sekayu, Terengganu
4. -

Four of my favorite dishes:
1. Kuey teow goreng
2. Mee bandung
3. Macaroni goreng
4. Spageti bolognese

Four sites I visit daily:
1. UMP's e-community
2. Blog
3. Hanieliza
4. Greenapple15

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. KL - apo laie? nak g bersoppppingss2 la...:D
2. Klang - jumpa adinda2ku [and of course the new comers too ;) ]
3. Pulau Rawa - lawa tak hengatss masa tgk kat tb aritu
4. Genting Highlands - nak konker sume permainan kat theme park tu... hwa.. hwa.. hwa..

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. faie
2. hairihafiz
3. -
4. -
--> tak tau dah nak tag sapo laie... huhu

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