Sunday, July 22, 2007

a friday and saturday @ Kuala Terengganu

dear batikchantingss.... ermm.. it was about a few monthsss i never come back to my hometown KT. tak silap last pegi KT masa raya tahun lepas.... but last friday-saturday, i was there for my bak's cousin wedding ceremony - which i never met before huhu... they already got married last 2 months... so this ceremony was just a ceremony to meet the relatives at KT yang most of them were not able to attend the big kenduri at KL aritu...

anyway, i did not snap any piccas during the ceremony since the event was quite extravaganza, which i never expect it was to be. yang cuma disnap was just the door gift engraved with the bride+groom's name. most of the guest were very extravaganzaous... terasa mcm silap masuk mjlis la plaks.. huhu... tp takpela... dah lama tak berjumpa2 with them, so that beautiful wedding ceremony was at least reunites us back together...

esoknya, we packed everything from my aunty's house tu, terus ke pasar payang. my mama and my Mak Ha nak beli itu ini katanya. sempatla i snapped a few piccas there. but times was running out very fast. i dont have much time to go upstairs pasar payang tu utk merendek2 menengok baju2 ke, tudung2 ke, kainss2 ke... worried smpai lewat plak ke kontans... lagi pon, we have to stop by at kemamam dulu, send back my Mak Ha there...then baru balik kontan. but overall, it was an enjoiful day for me there even it was just a short of time....

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