Tuesday, July 24, 2007

baked macaroni on Sunday

dear batikchantingss... last sunday, i was a bit 'jiwa kacau' gitu. not really sure what's the reason but probably becos of the "ngosnges surrounding" i faced lately. burin+busan with that condition punye pasal, i decided to cook... hehehe... useles jek pk lebey2 pons, rather that keep myself hatred with that situation, its better for me to do something which can makes me happy & passionate with gintus...

so this is my baked macaroni... i started to cook this italian recipe at about 6.30pm. went and bought everything at tunas manja transit point, then terus start masak. boiled this...cut this and that... mixed this and that... fried this and that... and baked all of them together. so ginila hasilnya yg siap at about 9.15 pm.... huhu.. fenats jugak memasak ni ghope2nye ye? :p ...

when the macaroni was completely layered and baked, some of boiled macaroni tu terlebihla pulaks..."ah sudah... apa yg aku nak buat dgn macaroni lebis nis?... ermm.. goreng je la ngan bahan2 yg ada.." so i just fry the rest of macaroni yg lebihs tu... with the rest ingredients yg ada, while waiting the baked macaroni tu siap dibakar...

lepas siap sume2, i try to serve to my beloved bak... tp he prefered to have the fried macaroni - sbb pedas... mulanya i was a bit frustrated when i have a taste of baked macaroni tu.."alamak.. tak pedas la plaks... macam x sedaps je.. huhu"...but becos i already have a plan to bring it to the
office utk jamu si dia and frens, so bawakla jugak ke opis walopon di hati ini ada rasa gundahs gulaners gitus... huhuhu:(

and finally, all of them was finished!!! sonotssnye rasa! and Alhamdulillah. probably only me who thought that the baked macaroni tu x sedap... sebab??... sebab i'm a person who looooooooves to eat hot meal :D ... never mind laa... pasni leh try wat recipe2 lain laks... lgpon tak lama lg our office will have a pot luck! so nak kena pk the best menu to be brought up nis... rite faie? ;) *wink*

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