Thursday, August 09, 2007

potluck --> "bekas nasib baik" :D

dear batikchantingsss... huhu.. tersawang2 jap my blog ni lately as the blog owner is currently kind of miung-miungss gitu. nothing much to be jotted here. definitely ada cite itu ini, but the spirit and mood of writing and jotting is not there (aci ke alasan camtuss... muhehehehe :p)

but anyway, the best memorable stori mori during this eighth month of 2007 ni was definitely the PTMK's potluck + goton royons event tu... the goton royons was actually the pre-preparation for us to face the coming 5S audit which will be held very soon. so kena la chantek2 kan hopis terchenta niss... before the session started, as usual we did have our tazkirah jumaat... followed by sesi makan2 which was SLIGHTLY bigger :D kalo nak dibandingkan dengan minggu2 lain seblom ni sbb kitorg ended the tazkirah session with the mabeles fabeles potluck event... there was such a LOADSS of food in our potluck event tu. ada fried meehoon, nasi goreng kampung spesel, pulut durian, lontong, soto, baked macaroni, choc moist cake, bread pudding, roti sardin, sate... tu baru main dishess. and the side dishesnya plak... masya-Allah.... agar2, kerepeks2, sweets, dadih imans wane wani and lots and lotssss of kuih yg eden tak pasti apa namanya... huhu.. in a short word i can describe it as "penuh meja" laaa..... and becos of the "penuh meja" situation + the small tank of my stomach, only some of them jek la yg dapat den makans... at about 3-330pm, those food tu were being packed up.. the ladies of ICTians kemas2...vungkus2... then lelongkan utk dibawak balikss....

as for the goton royons plak, nothing much that i can contribute as the "moon" didn't allow me to do so... huhuhu :( ... but i know... all of ICTians are reliable enuff rites?? the hopis now looks better, except my room je...which is still messhy2... huhuhu...when should i start to clear it up ekk?

p/s: lupa nak cakaps... there was a secret recipe's yummishhh cake sponsored by our boss... huhuhu... sedapss tuu.. nnt nak g bli la 1-2 slicess lg ... sambung makan kat umah plakss... more piccas can be viewed here ...

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