Saturday, August 18, 2007

welcome on board to darwish bin hakimin

dear batikchantingsss.... last monday was my haru biru day after i came back from office... i did receive a dreaded call from my bro telling me that my sister in-law dah warded and the "door" was opened +-3cm... huhuhu.. cuak turus den dengo... but quite wondering as her due should be end of this month... so i just drove back to home... my bakmama sume dah kemas2 packing... katanya nak bertolak terus just after they broke their fast. i was a bit ting-tong2 at that time becos a few of my planned schedules need to be reschedule... huhuhu... tp takpe.. demi my bro, his wife and the new comer, i just gamble joined them to KL... leave everyhting reschedule later2...

we were safely arrived Klang at about 1am... fenats
bangetsss!! since visitation hour dah lama tamats, so we have to go back and sleep je... tido then early morning esoknya terus ke hospital...

my sis in-law masuk labour room at 8.10am.. lamanya menunggu subhanallah... really makes my back damn pain huhu... nak patah je blakang den ni. but becos of the eagerness of being "mama ana"(:P) tu, i just carry on until the new comer "come"...

and alhamdulillah... my sister in-law safely delivered a
healthy sweet 3.2kg baby boy on last tuesday, 3.50pm at Hospital Bersalin Razif... sonotssnye!!!... he's sooo cute... welcome on board to Muhammad Khairul Darwish bin Khairul Hakimin... but i think, he will soon be a very close partner with my bro... umo baru a few hours, his dad dah blikan si darwish ni hot wheels seketul huhu... as for the picccas... i'm not sure how many picturess snapped by my photographer-bro tu... masuk arini, mau dah 3-4 ratus piccas agaknye...more piccas probably being uploaded at his fp soon. as for me, ada la skets uploaded here.

hmm... my bro
and sis in-law's life will definitely be wonderfulllls lepas ni... so do my parents who were now upgraded their level into grand parents... hehehe... Ki and Wan... end of this month, all of us will again be there to meet him... here your mama Ana will come awissshh!! ;)

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