Sunday, September 09, 2007


dear batikchantingss... its the 9th day of september 2007, and i really enjoy this month very well. lask week, 1 spent a few days at Klang, shoppingsss + visit my cuty nephew - awish... he's getting heavier day by day huhuhu.. lenguh lengan mama ana ni. the shopping session mmg bess!! or i can say most all of the malls kat KL tu penuh bangetss ngan org, who dont want to miss out the last day of salesss!

then tadi plak, most all of ICTians came down to bowling megalane at Megamall. I think, this is the 1st inter-ICT bowling tournament ever being handled. mmg sonots, even my beloved Z.E.Z datang lambat sketss, tp takpe, as he was finally came down jugaks :)... to support "the 1st runner up of juara longkang" ni.. huhuhu... (mgkn jatuhan pin den terlebih seketul dua jek dr k.ina agaknye...:p ) anyway, hope this internal tournament can be handled lagi in the future, even i know i wont score better ponss... piccas can be viewed at zure's album. here is only a pic of me and ibrahim abdullah... huhuhu.. what a chubby firm cheek he has... besa nnt leh ikut abah & maknya buat pencak munge2 silats!! :D

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