Tuesday, September 04, 2007


dear batikchantingss....It has been a few days Malaysia celebrated its 50th independence day. But how independence are we living in our own beloved Malaysia? What can we see today is ...sometimes people have a tendency to react sarcastic and derisively but the truth is... he/she keeps claiming that he/she is a very proficient and practical person. What an ironic people ever exist in this world. hmm... world is just a place for everybody to play their role as good as he/she has to. And because of the one and only chance they have to live in this world, some of them want to grab everything - including push everybody aside if they have to. What a pity people being so cruel and greedy just for the sake of their soothe, comfort and leisure vicinity... huhuhu

well, I’m not being prejudice towards anybody, but some how this happens almost anywhere and everywhere... so just muhasabah ourselves not because of the 50th independence day... but because the big Dooms Day is much much more greater and grandiose that have to be scared and considered of… may Allah bless each of us everyday… insyAlh…

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pergilah melancongss!!