Friday, September 28, 2007

fast breaking on 14 & 15 Ramadhan

dear batikchantingss... 2 days back, i broke my fast at pizza and MS Garden Hotel... the pizza one is the annual undergron's ICTians agenda (huhuhu... sejak bila jadi annual agenda niss??)... and the 2nd one is the treat from our vendor... tenkiu guys... next year wat lagi!! :D

the makan2 session @pizza was terrrribly uproar!! the undergron founder had actually ordered the meals ealier of the day for our fast breaking tu... in fact, i think, the ordered menu insyAlh will more than enuff for forteen fasting stomach ni... but, normal la kans... bila dah pose, the undergron members plak mmg sume jenis frenzied huhahuha... so certain of orders have been made AGAIN kat sana. aduss... bertambah2la penuhnya meja. here are some piccas after the fast breaking...

where as for MS Garden plaks... Alhamdulillah, the food is good... very2 good. certain number of ICTians did turned up @MS Garden last nite. i just take some piccas about 1-2 minutes before the azan is aired...

hmmm... sonotssnye berbuka ramai2 nis... hilarious gintus! i re
ally enjoy the moment and hope our next2 coming ICTians gathering will be more exciting and exciting!!....

p/s: nex wik - fast breaking @ boss's house ;)
p/s again: awish balik esooots!! yahuuus!!

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