Wednesday, June 01, 2011


31 May 2011...
went to CICT, UKM for official visit...
bilik meetingnya masyaAllah besonya huhuhu....
i really like the iron stack to the ceiling of this meeting room..
looks so traditional yet classy... sekali pandang
macam kayu alang at the oldies houses tu...

not many picture taken pon... but the best part was 
meeting my 'same name' friend who also worked at CICT UKM ni...
i met her during website workshop at Melaka last year
we tend to worked in the same group during the workshop
then jadi kawan baik smpai arini hehehe...
hope to see u again kak hafizah suzana =)

apapon it's a good experience to visit CICT UKM
able to grab many information to be deployed into our JK
the prepared food pon mabeles huuhuh...
(kalo perut tak kenyang mana, ada jgak ati nk tambah makan 
mee kari yg sedap itu :p )

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