Friday, June 17, 2011

Tabasco sauce

sape penah makan pizza kat pizza hut?
huh! i'm audaciously bet that almost most of us 
did went and had dine there...
anybody ever tried to add this sauce into your pizza?
huhuhu... myself is one of the person who PREFERRRR
to put this sauce into my slice of pizza...
maklumlaaa...ratu pedasss huhuhu...
giler sadisss after reading certain infos regarding the content
of this sauce, terus rasa kembang tekak segala..
kalo  la perut ni buley disamak,
maunya disamak sesamak-samaknya huhuuh....
conclusion?? buat pizza sndiri je pasni, 
then dip je dalam various halal sauce kat umah tu..
tapi kalo buat home made pizza, no sauce is needed at all
sbb the home made topping tu dah marvelous enuff hehehe...
insyAllah sedap.... and most important thing is
insyAllah xde rasa was2 apa lg rasa kembang tekakkk...
Ya Allah.... refrain myself and my family 
from all unlawful things..
may we always be in YOUR mercy 
Amin...amin.....yaa rabbal'alamin...

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