Thursday, June 02, 2005

hakimin's semi doom's day to go.... seems that everybody have their own i guess, even i do have my own fotopages (which was created about 3 days ago) apakan daya, kemunculan blog2 kawan2ku ini benar2 buat aku jelessss tahap para2 sakura....:D . Probably kat sini i'll have more space to type, to jot all of the events happen to me everyday....kalo x everyday pon, tp ada la once in a while, ye takss...?

So i'm now actually kat Kemensah Heights, umah my cousin...tempat persinggahan semntara tunggu hakimin's semi doom's day (engagemnt day dia dgn siti, buah ati dia tusss...) So to hakimin, congrates on your coming semi doom's day....and just remember that i'll alwiss love u poreber...

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