Tuesday, June 28, 2005

to go or not to go....to go or not to go...hmmm

its about 3 days more to go for me and 4 of my frens to register ourselves at UiTM... yesterday, we've been offered by the coordinator of the programme who willing to help us to further our study this semester jugak... previously dia kata we cannot join the course if we don't attend the executive seminar which will be held on the same day of MINDS here at KUKTEM....so kira dispute la program exec seminar tu dgn event kat KUKTEM ni.... last2, 5 of us mcm dah down... since they have said so, means all of us need to join the master program next semester... anyway, deep down inside me, i still want to join this sem even i know that it will be a very2 tough and hard semester for me...

then after consulting with my beloved dad regarding this matter, i choose to take the risk!!... as what i said in my blog on top of my blue design batik photo kat atas tu, "Life is a matter of expect the unexpectable things...".... i know that i will face a "trial and tribunal" for this second half year of 2005...but its ok. InsyaAlh i can make it.... coz i know HE will alwis be with me...

so after this, i need to make some arrangement of my study loans (ye laa....mana nak baya sume2 tu...banyak maaa nak pakai duitsss), my schedule and most of all.... my internal spirit.... all the best to u suzana. May The Force Be With U....hehheh.....:D - quoted from the big hit movie....i know u know movie aperss ni kan..? ;)

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